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Coherent DQ Series
Coherent DQ Series


In addition to the fiber lasers, our solid-state lasers are the tool of choice, whenever a flexible beam guidance is required. They are well applied for laser cutting, laser welding, removing, drilling and scribing. Solid-state lasers have also proven to be the ideal beam source for most marking applications. Coherent-ROFIN offers an extensive choice of CW-, pulsed and Q-switched solid-state lasers with a power range between 3 and 1000 W – in all cases the right laser for your application.

Q-Switched Lasers for Surface Treatment Applications

Technical Data

Nd:YAG, Fiber lasers, Diode lasers
50-300 µm
1-10 m
Numerical aperture
Mean power
500 W
Fiber losses
< 3%, (typically 1%)
Back reflections
Air-cooled: 100 W for 2 s, 40 W for 60 s Water-cooled: 150 W for 2 s, 100 W for 60 s
Compatible interface
SMA905 (z-plane moved 25 mm)

Typical Applications

  • Decoating of Tailored Blanks, Solar Cells or LCD Displays
  • Color Ablation of Glas and other Materials
  • Cleaning of Tools and Moulds



Materials Processing
Ablation-Material Removal
Surface Modification
Surface Coating
Flat Panel Display
Solar Cell

Features & Benefits

Laser Ablation, Laser Cleaning, Insulation – the Q-switched lasers of Coherent-ROFIN are the ideal tool for these and other surface treatment applications.

The DQ Series, which is based on the reliable diode-pumped Nd:YAG lasers, is suitable for diverse industrial requirements. The versions differ in power, pulse energy and equipment. The unique principle of the Q-switch makes peak pulse performances possible that are a 3000 times higher than the cw laser power.

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