high power laser, surface treatment, high power lasers, HighLight-FL high power fiber lasers, cleanweld
high power laser, surface treatment, high power lasers, HighLight-FL

High Power Fiber Lasers: HighLight FL-Series

High power fiber lasers for cutting, welding, and surface treatment

All fiber lasers of the HighLight FL Series are characterized by maximum efficiency and service friendly, modular pumping units, helping to reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Improve fiber laser weld quality and yield with CleanWeld

Coherent CleanWeld is our unique combination of fiber laser innovations, beam delivery, and process knowledge, which improves part quality, increases throughput, and lowers process costs. Weld zero-gap galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum with up to 80% less spatter, lower porosity, and no cracking.

High-power fiber lasers for cutting, welding, and surface treatment

The Coherent-ROFIN HighLight FL fiber lasers are high brightness, high-power fiber lasers offering output powers from 500 W to 10,000 W. With their modular and robust design the lasers have been set-up for optimum efficiency, flexibility, and reliability in industrial applications such as cutting, welding and surface treatment. The combination of different power levels and range of fiber core diameters allow for precise adaptation in a broad range of processing tasks. The lasers allow operation either in CW or pulsed mode at repetition rates of up to 5 kHz. The emitted wavelength of 1 μm achieves high absorption in many materials and is especially suitable for processing highly reflective materials. In addition, these lasers are inherently immune to back reflections, enabling safe processing of materials such as brass and copper. Furthermore, industry-leading power control delivers long-term stability and high process consistency in these applications.

All lasers of this model range are equipped with the Coherent-ROFIN Control Unit (RCU), which offers numerous monitoring tasks and e-service capability. A scanner processing solution package is optionally available enabling simple implementation of scanner-based applications.

The “compact” version with a spliced fiber and a small cabinet is ideally suited for easy integration into existing systems. One of the latest advancements is the new HighLight FL3000C with 3 kW output power from just one fiber laser module allowing for utmost compactness in this power class. The “standard” version offers a separated enclosure for beam management. Up to four fibers can be used with time or energy sharing including two channel interlocks per output and a multi-station fieldbus interface.


Get to know your process with fiber integrated process monitoring

Our new fiber laser series includes integrated, real-time process monitoring to enable more accurate control of your process. These lightweight, compact process sensors are integrated directly in our special fiber connector, and can deliver information to signal important process events like piercing end, loss of cut and plasma formation. Welding processes can even be monitored to detect defects like blow holes, missing connections, and insufficient penetration. This data can be then be utilized by quality management systems to increase yields, reduce scrap and rework, and lower production costs.

Features & Benefits

  • Output powers: 500 W – 10 kW
  • Versatile production tool due to wide range of beam qualities
  • Field-proven “all fiber” technology
  • Back reflection safe
  • Long life diode pumping modules on T-bars
  • All fiber beam combiner for power scaling
  • Industry-leading power control for high process consistency
  • Leading customer support

Typical Applications:

  • 2D and 3D cutting of mild & stainless steel
  • Laser cutting of nonferrous metal
  • Spot and seam welding
  • Remote and scanner-based applications
  • Laser deposit welding

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