Fiber-Coupled Single Emitters
Fiber-Coupled Single Emitters

Fiber-Coupled Single Emitters

Coherent is offering fiber-coupled single emitter modules with the highest efficiencies and in a wide range of wavelengths covering 405 nm to 1064 nm.

The FACTOR Series of FC Pump Diode Modules

The FACTOR Series offers the highest efficiencies and best reliability for pump wavelengths at 878.6 nm, 885 nm and 888 nm, and is available between 5 and 22 single emitters, ranging from 65 W up to 150 W.

The FACTOR Series is completed with modules available at 793 nm, 976 nm and 1064 nm with power levels up to 280 W.

The visible wavelength range is covered by the HS9 Series, offering multi-Watt output in the visible wavelength range from 405 nm to 638 nm.

5 emitter 6 emitter 8 emitter 10 emitter 16 emitter 22 emitter
200 µm Fiber Core
400 µm Fiber core