Line Beam
Line Beam


Large Format Polysilicon Annealing

The demand for high definition and power efficient low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) display backplanes is rising to be the foremost differentiator for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. LineBeam systems are the enabling technology for mass manufacturing of LTPS backplanes on large substrate panels with the highest yield.

Line Beam Optical System

308 nm excimer laser annealing enables market growth of faster, brighter, thinner and more lightweight AM-LCD and AM-OLED flat panel devices relying on high electron mobility.



Excimer Laser Annealing
Surface Modification

Features & Benefits

LineBeam Model
LineBeam 750
LineBeam 1000
LineBeam 1300
LineBeam 1500
Wavelength (nm)
Line Beam Length (mm)
Beam Profile Type
Top-hat along both axes
Top-hat along both axes
Top-hat along both axes
Top-hat along both axes
Depth of Focus (µm)

LineBeam Key Features
308 nm wavelength for high yield OLED and LCD polysilicon annealing
Superior pulse stability and high depth of field to ensure a large process window
Short and long axis beam homogeneity for maximum throughput and beam utilization
Proven performance in leading large-scale OLED and LCD fabs

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