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Laser Systems LRS EVO


Laser welding systems for small to medium-sized work pieces

Laser class 4 table welding system with axes and CNC

The LRS EVO is an open table welding system and an optimal solution for small to medium-sized workpieces within a wide range of industries like aviation, electronics, machine tool, tool-/moldmaking, plastics industry and the medical sector. The system offers fast and efficient intuitive operation for both simple and complex laser welding tasks. Highest precision is guaranteed by accuracy and control during operation.

With up to 350 kg table load capacity and the motorized x/y and z-axis the system underlines its flexibility for various tasks and requirements.

For optimal results the LRS EVO is compatible with Nd:YAG or diode pumped laser sources depending on the job requirements. In pulsed mode, the gain medium is pumped in bursts to generate short laser pulses. Power, duration and frequency of the laser pulses are important parameters for material processing. In this mode, the laser medium is a QCW fiber laser source and works in pulsed mode as well as in CW. The LRS EVO offers a wide range of applications as heat conduction welding, deep welding, powder cladding and wire welding.

User-friendliness as well as an ergonomic design in combination with excellent, stable beam quality and automatic lens detection ensures excellent work results.

Via the 10“ touch display all parameters are accessible and there are reams of possibilities to adjust important settings which can also be stored directly. One-hand operation is offered for all functions via joystick/touchpad.

The system is controlled by the APP SUITE, an unprecedented CAM environment for planning virtually all aspects of laser processing, providing optimal control for modern industrial processing.