X-LASE is a perfect industrial tool for cutting, drilling, patterning and ablation with minimal thermal load. X-LASE is a compact fiber laser with excellent beam quality (M2<1.5), ultrashort (20–30 picosecond) pulse width and megahertz range repetition rate. Corelase provides two different X-LASE products.

X-LASE CoreScriber

Processing excellence for transparent materials. X-LASE CoreScriber is picosecond pulsed fiber laser designed specifically for Corelase’s two revolutionary process innovations: CoreScribe™ and CoreBond™. CoreScriber’s high repetition rates (up to 10 MHz) enable market leading processing speeds. For example X-LASE CoreScriber with CoreScribe™ process enables to increase sapphire scribing throughput at least by 50 % compared to any other method.

X-LASE 24-6

Precise ablation with speed. X-LASE 24-6 is an industrial picosecond fiber laser. Picosecond pulses with high peak power enable cold ablation process where workpieces are processed with minimal thermal load. Corelase’s all-fiber technology enables rugged industrial design, delivery fiber and compact size.

Easy integration makes X-LASE 24-6 a perfect tool for high precision micromachining. High repetition rates (up to 4MHz), high average power and outstanding beam quality provide market leading combination of high process speeds, productivity and yield.

Features & Benefits

  • Patented processes
  • Excellent quality
  • Superior throughput
  • Cold ablation
  • Robust for industrial use
  • Increased productivity
  • Average output power 24 W
  • Pulse energy 6 μJ
  • Cold ablation due to ultrashort pulses with high beam quality
  • MHz repetition rate, adjustable between 1–4 MHz or 4–10 MHz
  • Compact turnkey system
  • Fiber delivery
  • Ethernet or RS232 computer interface

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