LaserCam-HR II

LaserCam-HR II is Coherent’s new generation of digital USB 2.0 bus-powered, high-resolution, large-area cameras. The LaserCam-HR II family includes 1/2-inch and 2/3-inch format CCD cameras that provide greater dynamic range and lower noise than the previous generation, as well as a UV laser beam profiling system for applications from 190 nm to 355 nm. This UV model is robust when used with the harsh UV wavelengths that often degrade typical beam diagnostic cameras.

The cameras include Coherent’s BeamView software package, long recognized as a flexible, fast, and user-friendly beam diagnostics software platform. BeamView-USB is Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatible (32-bit and 64-bit versions).


High-Resolution Beam Profiling System.

Overview of Features:

  • Ease-of-use connectivity
  • USB bus-powered low voltage operation
  • Broad spectral range:
    • 190 nm to 1100 nm
    • 400 nm to 1100 nm (with LDFP)
    • 190 nm to 355 nm (with BIP-12F)
    • 190 nm to 355 nm (UV model)
    • Large dynamic range
    • Digital output through USB 2.0 eliminates the need for an interface card (frame-grabber)

  • High-accuracy beam diameter calculations
  • Excellent beam spatial uniformity
  • Variable camera exposure time
  • Compact size
  • High-speed image capture rates (up to 15 frames per second)
  • Pass/Fail TTL level output
  • RS-232 and TCP/IP communication protocols
  • RoHS compliant

BeamView Software

BeamView-USB is recognized as the leading laser beam profiling software. It has been designed to provide flexibility, speed, and user friendliness. BeamView-USB software includes features that extend the analytic capability of the beam diagnostic systems:

TCP/IP and RS-232 communications - BeamView-USB software has the ability to communicate either directly by RS-232 or remotely through TCP/IP protocol. This enables control of the LaserCam-HR II application from a remote location without the use of cables.

Image file format - Captured laser beam images (10-bit to 14-bit depending upon model) can be saved using 16-bit PNG grayscale format. With this feature it is possible to export data without any loss of resolution, in an industry-standard, web-compatible file format.

Multiple camera support - BeamView-USB software has the versatility to handle up to eight cameras. In addition, the software incorporates the invaluable Background Map subtraction feature, resulting in better uniformity and accuracy for each of the cameras connected to a BeamView-USB system.

Flat Top Beam Analysis
Six additional calculations are now available with BeamView-USB for flat top beam analysis. These calculations are based upon the ISO 13694:2000 standards. The following calculations will allow for greater flexibility for the analysis of applications involving flat top beam shapes. These BeamView-USB calculations may assist in the analysis of Excimer and Nd:YAG laser customers looking to analyze beam uniformity in the near field. The six new features are:

• Plateau Uniformity
• Flatness Factor
• Edge Steepness
• Beam Uniformity
• Effective Irradiation Area
• Effective Average Power/Energy Density

Adjustable Trigger Delay
An adjustable Trigger Delay allows for a delay to be added (µseconds) to the default trigger delay of the LaserCam-HR II camera. This will assist in beam capture when the laser is fired after an external trigger signal that is shorter than the default camera trigger delay. Depending on the default trigger delay of the camera model and the repetition rate of the laser, the trigger delay feature assists in assuring that a valid laser pulse is captured on the camera during the cameras exposure time.

The LaserCam-HR II cameras have a default integration time of 5 msec for optimum performance. The integration time can be adjusted as needed for a specific application.

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